The morning after the rain…

It’s morning… Already? I just closed my eyes… The rain played a song in my head that took me to my dreams… relief… A Burchell’s Cuckoo brought me out of a dream I don’t remember… Beautiful green outside… The rain makes everything so lovely and I so appreciate it… I’m afraid… He’s back today. No doubt… he will threaten me with throwing me out knowing I have nowhere to go…. Predictably I will cry…. Start to pack my things… And then realise I need to try stay until my company is up and running well… and then I swallow the hurt and pain and any pride I have left…and beg to stay. This is abuse I know… but life hasn’t presented me with many choices, even if I tried to create my own opportunities… It is what it is. I used to pray to be rescued in my youth… Now I just pray for a good day. I need to rescue myself. Stay strong. Press on. I’m so close…. Just need to hold on. In the meantime, I should try and sleep…. Insomnia is terrible for the eyes and mind and I need to look my best….


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