It’s a way to think…. Silence. Understand things, go over things….

Speak to friends…. Reach out… They push away…. So…. Silence. Write it down, Nat… Read it back and feel more foolish… More like I don’t fit in. More like I don’t understand myself, perhaps worse than my so-called friends. Complex people are not meant to be figured out.

Funny part is I’m actually very simple. Need to be loved like anyone else, treated with respect and allowed my voice….

It’s like that for everyone I think… But there are some who put out a fiery spirit… Flatten the soul and file it under “crushed”. Narcissistic people… Nice then nasty.

I doubt myself all the time… It’s not what I dreamed for me…

So I bide my time still… All these years… And just remain silent.

Silence… Where my heart lives… It’s heartbreaking but safe…



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