Death of my will

Is there a way to bring back to life, one’s will?  Mine died an unnecessary death.  You battered me with negativity and told me just too many times how wrong I am and how everything is my fault and called me names… Like “stupid cunt”… What did you expect?  That I would sit quietly and receive constant hatred?  What do you keep me for?  To be your emotional punching bag?  I keep trying to tell myself it’s temporary and you will change… But you won’t.  I’ve given up… I have no will…. No will to love, no will to try, no will to do anything at all.

As someone who lives in constant hope….refusing to believe that people are so evil…. This is heavy for my soul….

I want to believe that I’m not all you say, that I’m good for something and maybe for someone…

But my will died… And I’m looking for hope… 


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