I’m no “wife” bound by paper and number.  I’m no “wait-at-home” woman… waiting for you to return from drunken exploits.

I’m no “chick”, “babe” or pleasure toy.  I’m not your mommy, chef or prostitute.

I’m not your emotional punching bag, your psychiatrist, servant or doctor.

I’m extraordinary.  

I tire of this world’s hurtful kinds.  I’m angry at the cruelty and I will never understand their reasoning.

I’m ashamed of my choices.  I’m sad that I’ve harmed myself and I detest the fact that I’m trapped.

I’m a quietly rebellious warrior.  Inside my head I’m repulsed by your nature but outwardly I have stopped trying to let you know.

You say hurtful things, I don’t cry anymore.  Inside my head I see myself a success, gone,happy.  

You neglect me now and I’m just happy for the peace without you.

You criticize me, I say nothing and don’t react anymore.

You see… you’ve pushed me so far away, I’ve realised just how extraordinary I am.

You did me a huge favour… so now I bide my time…


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