self therapy

​Betrayal my whole life, conditioning my mind to seek loyalty, love and  acceptance.  Needy, jealous bitch is just a misunderstood lost soul…. wanting your love… asking for it.  Betrayal is denial.  Denied peace.  Denied understanding.  Denied love 
Strength comes from rising above it all.  Don’t let him see you are weak anymore. 
I will be loved and the pieces stitched together with compassion.   I have given of myself, loved and cared.  

Didn’t go unnoticed I’m sure… I hope

I can’t give up . Don’t ever give up I tell myself.  My children love me, my cats and dogs love me…
I repeat this to myself in times like these.  Tomorrow is another day and not everyone is cut from a mean cloth.
Don’t give up Nat… Not yet