trying to be positive

I am healthy, my children are healthy, my pets are healthy. I am grateful for that and the good we DO have. Our blessings are each other.

I am a good person even if I make mistakes.

I try very hard, often investing too much of myself. That’s okay because I am like that and give 110% to people I care for, my job, love…

I see all the sadness around me and I’m lucky that I’m not so poor, that I need to beg, or so sad that I think of death, or so sick that people isolate me.

I have all my limbs and aa great skin. I am so loved by my family and pets.

I am very grateful… how can I be down?


of lies yet again

Why am I so astounded and hurt when people lie to me? I should know by now, surely.

Maybe I hope in my heart people can be good. Then I disappoint myself because good people are just rare…

love and other drugs

There’s a conspiracy I’ve not noticed before now. It’s called love.

It caught me surprise and has me prisoner.

During my incarceration I’ve learned so much about myself. I’m a constant student of the multiverse and I’m grateful to the Source for the magnificent gifts of love. I treasure it all, even that love which I’ve lost.

I’m addicted to love the way a drug addict is addicted to heroine… I know it may end me, but I am drawn.

My purpose is to serve out this sentence, love even more and accept the love given.

Parole is not what I want.

Peace and contentment is my high, affection is that feel good tingle and two souls becoming singular yet remaining separate is the vision.

Yes… I love this prison. It’s addictive.