Fings wot I learned today – PART WUN

I learned I am not always as clever as I believe. Intelligence comes in so many different forms.

I learned that I have often judged people wrongly and that I may not be the most important item on someone’s agenda because things closer to their hearts are more important – and they should be.

I learned my child is so precious to me and even if he talks too much at times, I should pay attention because everything he says is valid and so clever. He has developed a clever wit like his mother but at twelve, its adorable.

I learned that respect is very important to everyone and that most people are just fighting for their “place in the sun”. Also some actually prefer to be in the background because they feel safe there.

I learned that sometimes the best kinds of people who have helped me in a crisis are those I have cursed at in my head.

I learned to embrace aging and how to do so gracefully and without fear.

Most of all, I learned to be honest with myself and with everyone else.

All today… that’s something!