Randoms but important


Power of love

I often read David Icke’s news page at www.davidicke.com Please do yourself a favour and have a look at the articles in particular about ADHD being a ficticious disease (which I have been saying for years). There is also a story about how useless cancer medication is and the flesh-eating side effects (yes flesh eating and this is now proven). The Syria and North Korean situations are visited and the biggest story to hit the UK this year; Paedophilia in government, at the BBC and among prominent film and television stars (check out Ovenden story – he’s an artist that paints little girls in compromising sexual positions).

Yes, the world is sick. However, closing your eyes does not make it go away. Be aware, do something, Spread the word and make a difference!


5 thoughts on “Randoms but important

  1. That ADHD one is particularly interesting to me – I had come to a similar conclusion, and in fact the fantasy novel I am writing at present features a hero who is drugged to the gills by doctors because he can sense real things others can’t.

      1. I had posted the Prelude in instalments, but was debating whether to continue with Chapter 1. Think I will, so you can see how it kicks off on that aspect.

  2. Me and the fight about ADHD has been an ongoing thing. I say it’s basically spoilt kids, others don’t…
    You are so right – the world is indeed sick. Broken.
    But as Mr P always says, it will turn…

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