Dear Diary….again

tumblr_lsvjp2pk1m1qeqclqo1_400What happened with my life since last time I blogged in a single paragraph:

Worked hard, stayed single, lost weight, love my job.

That’s it.

PS: If one must make a status on BlackBerry Messenger please make it exciting.  “Yawn, so tired” will hardly peak my interest, I promise!  If you bored at least change your status picture to something funny so I can be properly entertained on that medium when I am bored.  Thanks.

PPS: Broadcasting is not for hoaxes and to check who will buy your crappy old furniture.  Its to let me and everyone else know about the party you’re having where the booze is free.  Thanks…again.

PPPS:  This is a broadcast message to anyone who is sick of their Blackberry Q10 – I will take it off your hands because its cute and Q10 happens to be the name of an anti-aging cream I have and this makes me curious about that BB’s anti-aging qualities.

PPPPS:  I was joking about the stuff I said before.

And the beat goes on…