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Let us humans have a VOICE and BOYCOTT these companies who oppose labelling of GMO foods – IF THEY OPPOSE LABELING WHAT ARE THEY HIDING??? :



Of Love and being Loved

Sometimes when I chat on my blog, I feel like I’m speaking to the Multiverse** letting it know that I am “aware” of some of the experiences seemingly flung at me and also “caging” me in a way.

I believed once that I was absolutely fearless. I was wrong.  I have many fears.  Oddly heights (considering my previous job involved heights), and on a more spiritually transcendent level; fear of being alone and unloved.

Being the sometimes greedy person I can be, I want more than the love of my family.  I want everyone to love me; and why not?  Doesn’t everyone want to be loved by all?  I can imagine the cynics saying “not me…I don’t need everyone to like or love me” but in their hearts they know they want it.  It’s a basic human programme… love.

An example is someone I used to work with whose standard statement over-and-over was “I hate everyone equally”.  Now hate is something everyone understands and even though it is such a strong word, its family is known as “dislike”, “abhorrence”, “detest”, “disgust”, “aversion” and “distaste” to name a few, but all negative.

So now my ex-colleague hated everyone equally or so he said, which actually makes me wonder if such expression isn’t really a cry for love?

Popular dogma says life experiences make people who they are.  If this is true, then why can’t new life experiences also affect our human programmes at any age?  Our hardware is not entirely hardwired, because we are adaptable beings.

What if we just gave love and care and showed the embittered the positive side and even change them?  I already hear negative people saying “what about murderers and child molestors?”  Yes.  What about them?  Perhaps their programmes are so corrupt that any new software is useless?

Back to my fear…  I have decided I will be loved.  It sounds forceful, however nothing to fear here because it is only my way of positively knowing that the Multiverse ** is actually going to ensure I am loved – by all!

** Pre Microsoft Office 2010 auto-correct in any language refused the word “Multiverse”.  Interesting eh?